How to Write a Google Review for Midway Fishing Charters!

Go to OR the Google Maps app (if on mobile) and search for Midway Fishing Charters.

Google search box

Click the “Write a review” button(in the right-hand sidebar). Or, if you’re on your phone click “Midway Fishing Charters”and scroll down until you see the “Reviews” section.

Midway charters Google listing

Sign into your Google or Gmail account. If you are not asked to sign in to Google go to step 4.

Google Sigin In

Pick however many stars you would like to rate us and write a review of your experiences on Midway Charters. If possible, please go into detail and when you are done writing your review click post!

Google Review

Thank you for reviewing Midway Charters! Please let us know if you had any difficulty in posting a Google review, or if you have any other feedback for us.